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Would you like to see more national chain retailers in the Leighton Buzzard town centre, especially clothes shops?

  • A wider range of restaurants and eating places?
  • A multi-screen Cinema?
  • The prospect of around 500 full and part-time jobs or more?

You will if Central Bedfordshire follow through on a Development Brief for the town centre created in 2012.

The next 15 years will see a very large development of 2,500 houses built on the eastern outskirts of the town with an area set aside for employment and with suitable infrastructure such as schools, local shops and other facilities.

“I’m impressed by the passion of people in Leighton Buzzard to create a thriving and diverse town centre. I hope planners and elected members will read this report seriously and work closely with local residents to secure a development that meets their ambitions, creating lasting local value and attractive, well designed and environmentally sensitive urban spaces that are welcoming to everyone.”

Julian Dobson, author, “How to Save Our Town Centres”